The needs of users, our pursuit

Leading products below 5 tons of loaders, multi-function loader, various types of mine loaders, ZTW30-25 backhoe loader, wheeled off-road forklift, hydraulic dump truck, desert salad brush machine; Mechanical bridge, gearbox and other special engineering machinery.

Take the road of famous brand to build a hundred years Chint
The company's development strategy is: "take the road of brand-name building a hundred years Chint." In order to strengthen the strength, enhance the brand, the company and Shandong University, the National Engineering Machinery Research Institute, China Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute Animal Husbandry Branch, jointly set up a technology development center, Zhengtai Machinery Industrial Park has completed construction area of 20,000 square meters, Become the country's largest small construction machinery manufacturing enterprises and the development of struggle.

Walked into Zhengtai company

Zhengtai machinery towards the domestic first-class, world-renowned small multifunctional construction machinery manufacturing enterprises ambitious goal!

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